Patriotic Songs

Patriotic Songs for Kids

Patriotic songs gives kids a sense of pride and honor for their country long before they truly understand what it means to be a responsible citizen. Long ago, children heard songs like "God Bless America" or "Grand Old Flag" at community events and parades. Today's youth are more likely to hear the latest teen heartthrob's one-hit wonder at special events. Give your child a bit of history and a sense of pride for your country by singing patriotic songs with them.

Jump into History

Whether they realize it or not, kids learn important facts and concepts through songs. Catchy tunes and lyrics can help elementary school kids learn the 50 states, facts about historical events and more. Begin homework time with a song, download a few tunes for your child's mobile listening device or sing in the car. Jump into history with engaging songs to help your child learn.

Analyze It

Many patriotic and historical songs paint a picture with words. Why not try analyzing a song like "America the Beautiful" to help your child form a mental picture of the landscape so many years ago. Comparing and contrasting also helps children understand complex concepts like historical periods. You could take a song from history like "Hail Columbia" and contrast it with a modern song, or with a song from a different country.

Have Fun

Show your child that learning can be fun, enjoyable and meaningful. Make up movements to go with patriotic songs, add costumes from a particular era in history or take a slow song like "My Country 'tis of Thee" and ask your child to rewrite the tune in a peppier tone or match the lyrics to a modern song.

Perhaps you have memories from your own childhood that include a history book and a list of questions. The result: a dry learning experience that made you despise the word "history." Put the meaning back into the subject for your own kids with music. Use patriotic songs to add spice, interest and meaning to learning!

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