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Advertising Process

To help you understand what's involved in running an ad on, here's a quick summary of the typical ad buying process:

  1. Drop us an email with a RFP (request for proposal) detailing your advertising goals.
  2. We'll then run an inventory forecast to make sure that we'll be able to meet your requirements.
  3. We can then further discuss your goals and negotiate the terms.
  4. An IO (insertion order) will then be generated. This confirms the details of the purchase; including the pricing, goals, and flight dates for each line.
  5. This will be signed and countersigned as a binding contract.
  6. Ads will then be booked into the ad server (we use Google Ad Manager).
  7. The campaign will be delivered, as per the insertion order.
  8. Upon completion, a final report will be produced detailing the performance of the campaign.
  9. You'll be billed for the campaign and a payment is then due within the next 30-days.

To learn more, we highly recommend checking out an online video created by Google which explains the foundations of an online ad campaign (although be aware that it does have a bias towards a publisher audience).

Media Kit

It's a work in progress, but you can download our media kit document (PDF) for a snapshot of the key details found on this page.

Rate Card

Advertising is available with the following cost units:

  • CPM; the cost for 1,000 ad impressions.
  • CPC; the cost for a single click to your landing page.
  • CPD; the cost for showing your ad for a single day.

We haven't pinned down the precise costing details just yet. Please enquire by email.

Inventory & Placements

You may target one or more of the following:

  • Specific pages.
  • Specific site sections.
  • Specific ad placements.
  • Run of network (exclusive advertiser across the entire site).
  • Roadblock (exclusive advertiser on given pages/placements).

Campaign Targeting

We provide a full suite of targeting options to ensure that we only show your message to your target audience. You may of course use a combination of targeting parameters to more closely target your ad campaign. Here's a rundown of the currently available targeting options:

  • Geography (country level).
  • Browser software.
  • Browser language.
  • Operating system.
  • Bandwidth.
  • Day and time parting (based on the timezone of your choosing, or the end users' timezone).

Ad Formats & Advanced Features

We support the most popular formats of ad creative, including:

  • Flash ads.
  • Static and animated image ads.
  • 3rd party ad tags.
  • Custom html, including simple text links.

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss other possibilities. Please note that we do not allow pop-over or pop-under ads.

Frequency capping is available on all ad campaigns, allowing you to restrict the number of times a single user will see your ad. You'll be able to cap on a minute, hour, day, week, month, and lifetime basis.

We're happy to implement CacheBuster and Click Macro code to your ad tags to allow for tracking of clicks and to ensure effective reporting of unique impressions.

Analytics Overview

Here's an overview of the key metrics for in a typical month, as reported from Google Ad Analytics (for the period February 12th - March 14th 2009).

  • 155,662 Visits.
  • 137,119 Absolute Unique Visitors.
  • 690,872 Pageviews.
  • 4.44 Average pageviews per visitor.
  • 3:15 Average amount of time spent on the site.
  • 84.90% of visitors are new to the site.
  • Users originate from 193 countries.
  • Most users come from the USA (56%), UK (9%), Canada (7%), and Australia (4%).

The top entry keywords are as follows:

  1. children's songs
  2. children songs
  3. kids' songs
  4. nursery rhymes

Campaign Optimisation & Change Orders

Once your campaign is up and running, we'll gladly make changes to the campaign to optimise its performance and to meet changing goals. You may request modifications at any time and changes will be made completely free of charge. We're happy to replace creatives, alter flight dates or adjust targeting. Please note that any changes to pricing or goals that result in a change in the total value of the IO may require the creation of a new IO.

We've deployed Google Ad Manager on Before the campaign goes live, you will be provided with a read-only login to monitor your IO to ensure that your campaign is being fulfilled.


Coming soon! We've only just started to offer advertising, so please bare with us.

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