Tongue Twisters

Tongue Twisters For The Whole Family

Tongue Twisters are so much fun; remember when you were a kid you would repeat them over and over again as fast as you can so you could compete with your friends? Kids absolutely love tongue twisters. They can be practiced all day long and are fun for the whole family as well.

Peter Piper

Peter Piper is an awesome tongue twister and has been around for ages and was tongue tying kids as early as 1813 in a book published by John Harris. The book was based upon learning pronunciation and has worked wonderfully for kids and adults alike since its inception. Children will be playing with this great tongue twister song for years to come because it is great fun and they can learn from it also.

Betty Botter Bought Some Butter

This is one of the greatest tongue twisters of all time. Betty Botter Bought Some Butter will keep the kids busy for hours of fun because it has so many great twists. It was made part of the Mother Goose collection and has remained a timeless favorite since then with kids of all ages.

Tongue twisters actually help speech development

Speech therapists actually use tongue twisters to help speech impediments and to help with pronunciation skills. These fun little songs have a great use also? They also are used to bolster confidence and you can use a stop watch to see how fast you can twist your tongue with your kids.

Add more songs to your fun list

Traditional songs are a great place to start with your kids when you want to learn good wholesome songs that have been around and are serious traditions. Be sure to check them all out and sing aloud and have fun.

Try some great activity songs with your toddlers today and see how much fun they will have just as you did when you were there age. These songs were meant for having good times with your kids so have some fun today dancing and singing.

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