Nursery Songs

Timeless Nursery Songs

Nursery rhymes are some of the most beloved of all children’s songs and with good reason. Nursery rhymes are wonderful for helping little children go to sleep or feel comforted or just to make them smile. These nursery rhymes are great to teach your little children and they are timeless classics.

Interesting facts about the science behind singing nursery rhymes to your children

Some interesting things about rhythmic patterns and babies arise as we learn more about development in infants. Did you know that babies can understand rhythmic patterns as early as a day old? Singing to babies actually elevates their moods.

Emotional effects don’t just stop there because babies actually bond more with their caregivers when they are singing to them. Singing to babies also gives them the urge to eat and sleep which helps them with growth and development. Can you imagine all this from nursery rhymes? It’s true and these nursery rhymes are classics.

Lovely nursery rhymes that you can sing to your children

There are some wonderful nursery rhymes you can start with right here. Did you know you could start with these classics before they are born? All through a child’s younger development in the womb you can sing these greats.

Itsy Bitsy Spider is a great starter for singing with your kids and it began in 1910 as a camp song. The finger play with this cute little song is also teaching your baby right along with a sing along. Be sure to enjoy every minute as you sing this great classic nursery rhyme.

Hickory Dickory Dock is an all-time favorite to sing with your toddlers and it promotes several development skills for kids. It’s such a fun song from childhood and its earliest versions started in 1744 in London and then in 1765 in Mother Goose’s Melody. This is a great song to sing with your kids and it teaches them as well. How wonderful is this?

Brahms Lullaby is a classic nursery rhyme and you can sing this to your babies at night or at bedtime and watch them softly fall into slumber. This is from a collection of German poetry and is considered one of the most famous lullabies in the world. You can sing this one in the womb as well to help your baby grow and develop. Have fun singing this beautiful classic nursery rhyme to your kids and with your kids.

With all these great nursery rhymes you can’t go wrong because you and your little ones will enjoy every moment of singing these classics with your kids.

Check out these great songs for your older kids

Start early and get your kids counting and they can have a head start learning numbers and understanding how to count in a fun way. Starting them early is great and doing it in a fun way is even better. Have fun with these great counting songs.

Here are a few more great songs to sing along to. You can also teach your older kids these wonderful songs. This is one of the largest categories of songs here and they are absolutely great for kids to learn and cherish. You can sing these nursery songs to babies or with your older toddlers and kids. Watch them grow and learn these songs and have fun because they don’t stay little for long. Also these are fun to sing with your grand kids because you will remember them and get to pass them along as well.

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