Well I

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Well I

Well i walked round the corner
And i walked down the block
And i walked right into a doughnut shop
I picked up a doughnut
And i licked off the greese
And i handed the lady a 5 cent piece
Well, she looked at the nickle
And she looked at meand she said
This nickled isnt good for me.
There's a hole in the middle
And it goes right through
And i said
Well lady theres a hole in the doughnut too.
Thanks for the doughnut- You bet.

Well i had a little chicky
And it wouldnt lay an egg.
So i poured hot water up and down it's leg.
And the little chicky cried and the little chicky begged.
And it layed me a hard-boiled egg.
Dunt dunt dunt dunt dunt- some chick.

Well i stuck my head in a little skunks hole and the little skunk said well bless my soul. Take it out. .take it our. remove it. Well i didnt take it out and the little skunk said, ' if you dont take it out you will wish you had did. Take it out. .take it out. .remove it. .SSSSSSSSSSSSS
I removed it. .too late.

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