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The last thing I remember
I think it was mid-December
I rolled out of bed to take on another day
Of bills to pay
Oh,I should have noticed the signs
When reading the morning headlines
But all I could see is what mattered then and there
Like what to wear
Before I left for work I kissed my wife and kids good-bye
But fumbling for my keys my eyes were drawn up to the sky
Sky is blackened,could it be a thunderstorm,it looks like rain
Wind is twirling,clouds are swirling could it be a hurricane
I pulled my self together
said it was just the weather
Cause I never dreamed it could be my final day,to live that way
Yeah I went to church on Sundays
Believed there was only one way
But when it began I guess I was in denial,for just a while
So I turned on the radio to occupy my mind
But as I drove to work,my thoughts were pulled back to the sky
Sky is blackened,could it be a thunderstorm,looks like rain
Wind is twirling,clouds are swirling,could it be a hurricane
The suddenly the sun eclipsed and tremors struck the ground
As brilliant light had split the sky I heard the trumpet sound
Halleluia,Halle-Halleluia O the angels sing
Halleluia,Halle-Halleluia finally redeemed
Halleluia,Halle-Halleluia prophecy fulfilled

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