Jingle Bells Silly Version

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Jingle Bells Silly Version

Dashing through the snow
On a pair of broken skis
O'er the feilds we go
Crashing into trees
The snow is turning red
I think i'm gonna be dead
Will someone please call 911
Before i lose my head.


Jingle bells jingle bells
Santa clause is dead
Rudolph got a twenty-two
And shot him in the head
Barbie doll barbie doll
Tried to save his life
But mario and gi-joe
Stabbed her with a knife

Information About Jingle Bells Silly Version

The Jingle Bells silly version is a take off on "Jingle Bells", one of the most popular winter songs every composed, and although people usually associate it with the Christmas holiday season, it was actually composed as a song to be sung around the Thanksgiving holiday.

It is thought to be originally published in 1857, and it was called "The One Horse Open Sleigh", a reference to one of the phrases in the song.

James Lloyd Pierpont is given credit for the composition, although where and when it was published is often the subject of heated discussions. A plaque announcing the song's 'birthplace' is hung at a position in Medford, Massachusetts, at a site which was once an establishment called Simpson's Tavern.

Pierpont had no education or training as a musician, and in fact, held many different jobs in his life, including a period running a business he started in San Francisco at the height of the California Gold Rush.

Even without training, Pierpont managed to write and publish many different songs, of many different types, including ballads and polkas.

Because "Jingle Bells" has an easy to remember, catchy melody, and simple rhyming lyrics, it has been the subject of many parodies; a parody is a work that makes fun of the original.

The Jingle Bells silly version on this page is one such example; there are many other versions you may hear, as well.

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