If You Should See A Hearse Go By

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If You Should See A Hearse Go By

If you should see a hearse go by,
Then you will know you're the next to die.
They put you in a wooden box
And cover you over with dirt and rocks
Then worms crawl in
And worms crawl out
And worms play pinochle on your snout
And then you turn a sickening green
And puss comes out like whipping cream
And me without a spoon!

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Other details are mentioned in this version

Do you ever laugh as the hearse goes by
for you may be the next to die
they wrap you up in a big white sheet
and bury you about 6 feet deep
then all goes well for bout a week
and then your coffin begins to leak
the worms crawl in
the worms crawl out
the ants play pinnacle on your snout
your stomach turns a slimy green
and puss comes out like whipping cream
you spread it on a slice of bread
and that's what you eat
when you are dead.

The worms enjoy this version

Oh don't you laugh when a hearse goes by
Or you will be the next to die
They'll wrap you up in bloody sheets
s and bury you under six feet deep.

Now all goes well for about a week,
Until the coffin begins to leak
The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out
The worms play pinochle in your snout.

They eat your eyes, they eat your nose
They eat the jelly between your toes
You scoop it up on a piece of bread,
And that's what you eat, when your dead!

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