I Don't Want to Go to Mexico

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I don't want to go to Mexico
No more, more, more.

There's a big fat policeman
At my door, door, door.

He grabbed me by the collar,
He made me pay a dollar,.

I don't want to go to Mexico
No more, more, more.

Spongebob's song inspired by the Beatles Strawberry Fields
Garys new toy
The wet painters


Information About I Don't Want to Go to Mexico

I Don't Want to Go to Mexico is a really fun and humorous kids' nursery rhyme. It was first recorded in a Hispanic neighborhood of Chicago in 1987. This shows that nursery rhymes are not just for fun but they reflect on histories past events and people. This song, with the hand clapping game, is fit for kids in kindergarten and up.

I Don't Want to Go to Mexico which is also referred to as "Shame, Shame, Shame", is a hand clapping game. All hand clapping games have specific hand movements that go with it to make it even more fun for kids to learn. Like in all games, there must be a winner, so at the end of the rhyme the first person to tap the other player wins.

To learn how to do these hand movements, you can watch videos like this one on youtube or just listen to the song on video here.

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