Hey Diddle Diddle - Parody

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Hey Diddle Diddle - Parody

Hey diddle diddle
The cat did a piddle
Behind the kitchen door
The little dog laughed,to see such fun
so the cat did a little bit more.

Information About Hey Diddle Diddle - Parody

Contributed by one of the BusSongs visitors. Thanks!

One theory states that the rhyme is a lesson in astronomy, in which all, or nearly all "characters" in "Hey Diddle Diddle" are constellations visible only in the April night sky.

Hey diddle diddle, the Cat (Leo – the Lion) and the Fiddle (Lyra – the Lyre), the Cow (Taurus – the Bull) jumped over the Moon (the Moon); the Little Dog (Canis Minor – the Lesser Dog) laughed to see such sport, and the Dish (Crater – a dish shaped constellation) ran after the Spoon (Ursa Major – the Big Dipper).

It just so happens that April is the only month when all of these constellations can be seen in the night sky, and this was a signal to the early Europeans, mainly the English, that it was time to plant the crops.

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