Chocolate Ice Cream Song

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Chocolate Ice Cream Song

My mama said if I'd be good,
She'd send me to the store
She said she'd make some gingerbread
If I would sweep the floor.

She said if I would make the bed
And dust the telephone
That she would send me out to buy
A chocolate ice cream cone.

And so I did the things she said
And then she made the gingerbread
Then I went out, just me alone
And bought a chocolate ice cream cone.

While coming back I stubbed my toe
Upon a big old stone
Now need I tell you that I dropped
My chocolate ice cream cone.

A little puppy came along
And took a great big lick
And so I hit that mean old dog
With just a little stick.

Then he bit me where I sit down
And he chased me all over town
And now I'm lost, can't find my home
And all because of a chocolate ice cream cone.

Information About Chocolate Ice Cream Song

The "Chocolate Ice Cream Song" tells the tale of a child who is promised a reward of being able to go get an ice cream cone after the child does his chores around the house. The song lyrics were written by an American country and western singer named Rose Maddox. and a record of the song was released on the Capital Records label in 1959.

It's nice to get chocolate ice cream as a reward or any time! Ice cream is a frozen dessert, frequently made from dairy products, like cream or milk, with sugar and flavouring added. A sweet desert like ice cream has been around for thousands of years, way before manufacturing plants started producing ice cream as we know it today. The first known treats like this were made by pouring fruit juice over snow.

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