Links to Other Great Websites That We Love

Children's Music

NIEHS Kid's Pages
"NIEHS Kid's Pages" is an old site containing the lyrics to hundreds of very popular kids' songs and nursery rhymes. The site is run by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, a department of the American government.

Cullen's ABC's
We're huge fans of Cullen's website. By day, she's a regular teacher, but in her spare time she has created some amazing edutainment material (education in an entertaining medium). Definitely check out and subscribe to Cullen's YouTube channel to see all of her great videos. You'll find her videos sprinkled all over You can also follow Cullen by becoming a Fan of Cullen's ABC's Facebook Page.

Mama Lisa's World
This is one of our favorite websites. It contains the words and lyrics to the very best children's songs and nursery rhymes from around the world. You'll find popular songs from distant cultures, including Africa, Asia and Europe.

KIDiddles is pretty similar to in that you can search through hundreds of great songs, browse by category, print off lyrics and listen to songs. We really like their cute mouse named Mojo that appears throughout the site.

The Teachers Guide
The Teachers Guide is site created by Teachers for Teachers. As well as an awesome collection of children's songs, you can find fun activities and lesson plans.

Songs for Teaching
Songs for Teaching allows you to discover and purchase from a huge range of CDs, Books and DVDs containing memorizing children's music. Many of the songs use interesting lyrics to teach a specific subject - who said learning couldn't be fun?

Enchanted Learning
A humongous collection of nursery ryhmes are provided on this website. Each song contains several fun little pictures which makes the site very unique.

Indian Child
Indian Child is a large website containing many pages of content on all kinds of topics. On this page, you can view a small collection of the most famous nursery ryhmes.

Free Kids' Music
Listen or download an incredible children's song from this website. The number of songs available is growing all the time - so I'm sure this will quickly become one of your favorite sites.

Zelo is another site with lots and lots of nursery rhymes. Read the lyrics for each song and have a sing-a-long!

Nursery Rhymes 4 U
This colourful site contains tons of song lyrics and content such as tongue twisters that'll keep you entertained for hours.

Smart Central
Smart Central is one of the largest song sites that BusSongs has been able to find. Song pages contain enjoyable graphics and the site is very easy to navigate and search.
This is a very special site. As well as being able to read the lyrics for each song, you can also find out a little more about the history of the song such as who wrote it and what the lyrics means.

Children's Music Network
The Children's Music Network is an association for like-minded individuals who care deeply about children's music. They publish a regular journal entitled "Pass it On!" and have an online community for members to share ideas.

Laura's Midi Heaven
This site contains hundreds of music files for you to listen to and enjoy. Music is provided in the popular Midi file format.