Gross-out Songs

Great Goofy Gross-Out Songs

Songs to gross out your friends have been childhood favorites and now you can sing these with your kids and have a great time doing it. Remember on bus trips how you loved singing these cool songs? Songs like Purple People Eater have thrilled us for years.

It’s just part of being a kid! Even when you are an adult you still love these songs, we know it! Because they are fun and happy songs and they give kids hours of entertainment learning the lyrics.

What is our most requested gross out song?

Great Green Gobs is our most requested song and rightfully so because it has had a huge following for years and kids love this song. So what is the history of this song? You might be surprised that a lady named Mika Seeger wrote a collection of camp songs in the 1950’s and it was an instant hit as kids began making variations for years to come. There are so many variations that history can’t keep up with how many there are.

Sheb Wooley Made History

Flying Purple People Eater is one of the most beloved of all songs for old and young alike and it was a chart topper by Sheb Wooley in the 1950’s as well. This song hit number one back then and now it is still a favorite because it is used in Disney movies and even adult movies alike. It’s become a standard for gross out kid’s songs and with good reason. It is just a cool kid’s song.

Johnny Rebeck is Now in the Boy Scout Songs Handbook

Johnny Rebeck is an old classic gross-out song, has been around and has many variations. It is a camp song and has now been put in the Boy Scouts Song Book. This is really a fun and gross song to teach the kids and it’s hilarious as well.

These fun old gross-out chart topping songs are great for entertaining during camp outs and bus trips and long car trips. Be sure to check them all out and teach your kids these great songs because they make great memories. Memories cost nothing but give everything if made just right.

Other great kid’s songs to check out

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