Silly Songs

Get Silly with Silly Songs

Whether you are a kid or simply a kid at heart, a silly song is a great way to have some fun. Silly songs are great because, like activity songs, kids will be able to listen to them with other children. This makes silly songs perfect for kids in a classroom or kids in daycare who want to learn how to socialize with other children or adults: however, they are often just played for some plain old fun!

Very Popular Silly Songs

Some of the more popular songs, such as I Know A Song That Gets On Everybody’s Nerves, are totally silly and only exist for kids to sing for the sake of singing. Other songs, like the Jingle Bells Silly Version, are parody songs that are created based on existing songs. These songs often date back a very long time: for example, the song On Top Of Spaghetti was written by Tom Glazer in 1963, over 50 years ago.

Why Silly Songs Are Fun For Kids And Adults

Children love silly songs because they allow kids to simply have some fun and enjoy music. Whether they are listening to them at home alone or with other children, kids can laugh and get some amusement out of these silly tunes. For adults, silly songs provide the opportunity to give kids some downtime or relief from learning or trying to memorize things. While many learning songs are made to help children understand math, colors, or the alphabet, silly songs are purely to give them some relaxation and enjoyment. They can sometimes be used as a reward in a classroom for children that have behaved well, or after an intensive activity that involves focus and concentration. No matter when silly songs are played or what type of environment they are played in, they always bring a fun time with them!

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