Religious Songs

Soulful Songs For Kids Of All Ages

These beautiful classics will entertain and uplift your children for hours. Many of these songs have been used for centuries and some of them are time honored traditions for families of all types. You can now teach your children these wonderful songs and keep the traditions going for their generation as well as refreshing your memory to these great verses and songs.

These songs can be hours of entertaining fun for children

For camp outings or bus trips these songs are perfection as they always have been for generations. These songs are used to teach and show praise and uplift your children to gladness. If you aren’t religious you most likely have sung these beautiful songs your whole childhood on school trips and you already know how fun these songs can be for kids to sing.

Everyone loves good music and these songs are great music designed with a serious purpose and with rhymes and verses that are easy to remember. Your children will teach their children in turn. Some of the histories behind these songs are amazing.

The amazing history behind these religious hymns

Amazing Grace is just one of the beautiful songs on this list and it shows the change in someone’s heart from darkness to light. How wonderful that our children can sing these songs and learn the lessons the writer of Amazing Grace learned.

Another of the songs listed here, which is "Do you hear what I hear?" has a rich history from just fifty years of being a traditional religious song. This song was written during the Cuban missile crisis to give hope that all would be well even though it seemed so dark during this period of history.

Jesus Loves the little children is a song we all sang as kids in Sunday school and it remains a favorite because it was written in love by a man named Clarence Woolston. A rare talent who loved children and animals, he wrote this little song for children in church.

These are fun little songs with deep meaning and grace will enrich your children as they sing along. Just as you and your parents sang these songs growing up they will also have the opportunity to sing them as they learn the verses.

More great songs for your kids

There are more classic lullabies that you can teach to your kids. It would be fun to go and see how many great songs that you can remember. There are silly songs and sing along songs and all of them are fun for the entire family.

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