Tra la la Boom

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Tra la la Boom

Tra la la boom di-ay
There was no school today.
Our teacher passed away,
She died of tooth decay!
We threw her in the Bay,
She scared the fish away!
And when we pulled her out,
She smelled like sauerkraut!

Information About Tra la la Boom

Tra la la boom is one of several parody songs of Ta ra ra boom de-ay. The original song's first public performance was in Henry Sayer's revue, Tuxedo in Boston.

Overnight it became a sensation. The music-hall crowds delighted in its rhythm and its nonsensical lines. Brought back to America by Lottie Collins in 1894 it was greeted with the same enthusiasm that the English had accorded it, and has remained one of America's most popular songs.

The tune is widely recognizable and has been used for numerous other songs, including children's camp songs and military ballads from the early 20th century.

It was used for the theme song to the show Howdy Doody ("It's Howdy Doody Time") and by the Mariachi-tuned Dilly Sisters on the 1960s children variety show The Banana Splits.

Alternative Lyrics & Related Songs

Here's a funny version involving the drain, rotten rays and stinky pants!

Tra la la boom di-ay
I lost my pants today
Some boy took them away
He hid them down the drain
He said i'd find them someday
Then it started to rain
I found them in the the river today
They smelled of rotten rays.

This one's a short version about pants going on holiday, but eventually coming back.

Tra la la boom di-ay.
My knickers flew away.
They went on holiday.
They came back yesterday.

This version brings to mind the silly antics of boys

Tra-la-la Boom de ay!
I took your pants away.
And while you're standing there,
I'll take your underwear!

Here's a version speaks of sleepless nights and in all probability...grumpiness in the morning

I got no sleep today.
None either yesterday,
That's why I drive this way.

This one is for mature audiences that you just might want to skip it if you're looking for a kid friendly version

Tra la la boom, hooray
I met a guy today
He gave me twenty cents
To go behind the fence
My mother was surprised
To see my stomach rise
My father jumped for joy
It was a baby boy!
Tra la la boom!
Tra la la boom!
Tra la la boom!

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