About BusSongs.com

Humble Beginnings

BusSongs.com came about one afternoon when a number of us "Post-baby-boomers" were sitting around a table at a restaurant reminiscing about our youth, and comparing it to the experiences our children now have. In our current day and age TV, video games, and music have changed; while the number and types of temptations have exploded. However, one thing through it all remains the same: the songs our kids sing on the bus. Whether going to camp, or just a field trip, most of the old favorites are still as common as often. A number of new songs have joined the fold, but they all have a similar, innocent feel.

Our Mission

We've been collecting these songs for a while now, and we've put them on these pages so you can make sure they get passed on to your children. Also added, are lullabies and other songs that children enjoy. Most of the old songs should not have any copyright, but we're not so sure of the newer ones. If you are the owner of a copyright for one of the songs on this site, please let us know. We will be happy to either remove it, or recognize your ownership and add links to wherever you request within reason. We don't want to cheat anyone out of what is theirs! We only wish to make sure these songs continue on to our children, and their children’s' children.

How You Can Help

Interested in contributing? We are looking for any information people may have about the origins of some of the songs, especially the older ones. Did they start at a specific camp, or an offshoot of yet another song? Do they have a basis in a folk fairy tale? Any information you can volunteer about the history of any song here is most welcome!

Getting in Touch

To get in touch with us about adding a song, correcting lyrics, adding melody information, filling in history, or copyright, please use our contact us page.

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