Weekday Songs

Singing Weekday Songs with our Kids

Learning the days of the week can be baffling to toddlers and preschoolers. Although it seems like common knowledge to anyone over the age of five, it's a big concept to grasp when your whole world consists of playtime, snack, cuddle time, playtime and more snacks. There does come a time when curious learners are ready to learn the days of the week. One of the best ways to engage your child in the concept is through singing. Songs about the days of the week readily engage toddlers and preschoolers. Before you know it, your tot will know the days of the week!

Wake with a Song

Morning is the perfect time for a quick review of the days of the week. Many toddlers will even begin to ask, "What day is it?" Instead of answering with a one-word response, talk about what you typically do on that day and then sing "Days of Week," or another song about the days of the week.

Create Your Own Song

You don't have to be a music composer to create your own song that caters to your child's unique schedule and activities. Best of all, your child won't know the difference! Consider making up silly songs to the tune of a familiar classic like "Row Row Row Your Boat." Substitute the traditional lyrics with your activities for the day. For example, sing: "Today is Saturday, we're go-o-ing to grandma's, we love to play and play and play, today is Saturday."

Chant and March

If you don't like to sing, or you just aren't confident to be belting out tunes all the time, turn it into a chant. Chanting helps kids develop rhythm. When combined with marching, it will also enhance your child's large motor development. Go ahead and get loud and proud as you march around the kitchen chanting the lyrics to "Weekdays Go 'Round." You'll likely end up in a pile of giggles on the floor.

There's no need to sit down with your two-year-old to drill the days of the week. Keep it light, fun and totally engaging with songs. Although you know you're giving your tot the learning she needs to thrive, she'll never be wiser. Your child will simply believe that Mom is awful silly and a whole lot of fun!

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