Transport Songs

Transport Songs to Sing with Your Children

Young children learn through exploration and experiences. You bring your child to the playground to swing, slide and run. You dump a pile of blocks on the floor to stack, throw and sort. The learning is enforced by talking and singing about those experiences. Transportation songs teach young children about fascinating vehicles like buses, planes, trains and trucks. Indulge your inner child and try to remember how cool those massive objects truly are by singing transportation songs with your young one.

Incorporate Singing into Everyday Play

As you set up a train track or zoom cars around on the couch, make singing a part of your playing. Appropriate songs might include "The Wheels on the Bus," "Aeroplanes, Aeroplanes," or "Train is A-Comin')." Ask your child to join you after you sing the song several times. If he is a reluctant singer, don't make a fuss. Simply carry on singing as if you didn't notice he hasn't joined in. Sing with your child in the car, in the bathtub or wherever you go.

Make Singing a Routine

Children love routine because the predictability of a set schedule makes them feel safe, secure and empowered. Incorporate little songs into all of your daily routines. Sing "My Toothbrush" every time you brush your child's teeth. Try a bedtime song like "Bed Time Song" to end the day, or begin the day with a song like "Good Morning." Your child will soon anticipate and revel in these songs.

Add Your Child's Name

You can delight any child by adding her name into a song. Instead of singing "Old MacDonald," change it to "Old McKailey." Teach your child how to spell her name by creating your own song to a familiar tune like "Three Blind Mice." Use your imagination and your child will soon be singing along with you.

Any singing you do with your child will benefit her language skills, even if she isn't talking yet. The more language your child hears, the better. So go ahead and sing, sing, sing. Your child doesn't mind if you're off-key!

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