Respecting Copyrights on BusSongs

Our Vision

This site is intended to help kids, parents, and teachers recall the words to those familiar songs that bring back warm memories of field trips, family reunions, and summer camp. More information about the site can be found on our about page. We're actively working to improve the BusSongs experience by building features that will allow children to interact and share content. Our vision is for BusSongs to be the leading website for children to discover and enjoy children's songs in a safe and responsible environment.

To make this possible, we adore the songwriters, musicians, performers, producers and all the other people involved in creating these incredible songs that others can enjoy and cherish.

To understand the impact that BusSongs has made, check out our testimonials page to read a small selection of the amazing testimonials that we have received.

A Platform for Songwriters

We believe that BusSongs can be an incredible platform for songwriters to share their creative work with a large audience of captivated users.

The precise lyrics to your song(s) can appear on and we provide you with complete editorial control for how the song is shown. Users can then find songs by visiting the "Your Songs" category, browsing other relevant categories, or by performing a search.

Moreover, newly added songs also appears in a prominent position on our own homepage, which creates an initial buzz and surge in user interest.

Users can rate songs and leave moderated comments, allowing the songwriter to get direct feedback from users. We're also currently working on new ways in which users can discover and interact with your work.

Copyright information is included directly below the song lyrics, plus we can post a link to the songwriters website or record label, which will drive users to find out more about the artist.

An embedded YouTube video or music clip can be optionally displayed on the song page. The media enriches the user experience, allows the songwriter to directly engage the audience, and drives traffic to the artists YouTube channel or website.

Independent entertainers and performers are also welcome to submit multimedia content for any of our public domain songs.

For example of what is possible, please check out the fantastic song "It's Raining Again".

Where Our Songs Come From

An overwhelming majority of the songs featured are very old, are in the public domain, and are no longer protected by copyright. We are working on making these songs more identifiable, so that users are clear as to which songs are protected and which can be used for commercial purposes.

Like many other modern websites, much of the content (including lyrics, alternative versions, historical information, videos, and music) that you see originates directly from our users (this is also known as 'user-generated content'). To give some context; to date we've received some 30,000 user submissions and receive around 10 more each day. We sometimes ask others to help us process these requests. Consequently, we do not always have complete oversight over whether content submitted by our users is protected by copyright. However, we do ask users who submit content to the website to first seek explicit permission for it to appear on BusSongs.

We will honor all requests from copyright owners and take immediate action on their behalf to rectify any infringements of copyright. It is not our intent to deceive owners of any of these songs out of royalties or other fees they may be due, or to claim ownership for their creative works. A link to this notice is provided in a prominent position on each and every page of the website. Moreover, we show a footer on each page that also informs users that all content is property of its respective owner.

In summary; all lyrics are property of their respective owners and are provided for informational and educational purposes only. Any infringement, perceived or otherwise, should be brought to our attention immediately, and we will work to rectify it without delay.

How to Change or Remove a Song on BusSongs

If you are the legal owner of a song on this site and do not wish for it to be displayed, please contact us and tell us the particulars of your ownership. We will gladly remove the lyrics and/or music to the song and replace them with a suitable notice.

Alternately, at your discretion, we will include links to locations where visitors can lawfully purchase the lyrics and music, to the songwriters website, or any other resource. Additionally, we'd be honoured to include a link to your website on our links page.

We hope that you recognize that BusSongs is a strong platform to share your creative works and to promote your name, website or record label - and allow us to publish your songs. However, this choice is completely yours to make and we respect your right to make this decision.

How to Contact Us

Please use the contact form to send us an email regarding to our copyright policy. Be sure to include a valid email address so that we can reply and confirm your preferences.

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