Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone

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Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone

Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone?
Oh where, oh where can he be?
With his ears cut short and his tail cut long.
Oh where, oh where can he be?

Information About Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone

For close to 150 years, the nursery song, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone has been a favorite for children in one language or another. It was originally written in German by Septimus Winner, titled Der Deitcher's Dog in 1864.

Oh Where Has My Little Dog gone was not originally a happy song. It was a drinking song. It was suppose to be sung by a man hoping to use his dog to perform tricks to earn money for his beer. Only, he lost his dog, thought to be stolen by the local butcher. But, the words were changed for a nursery rhyme version.

Winner was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He wrote under many songs under pseudonyms as well as his own true name. He partnered with is brother, Joseph Eastburn Winner, for a period of about 10 years, publishing music as well. Septimus Winner also offered his talent as a teacher and established himself as a music critic.

Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone has remained popular and has sold in massive amounts during Winner's lifetime and still today. There is little doubt that children love dogs, and hence, love songs about them.

To learn more about composer, Septimus Winner, visit Wikipedia.

Alternative Lyrics & Related Songs

8 lines can be sung in this versions

I gave him a nickle to buy a pickle,
Cause he was looking so glum.

Instead of a pickle he spent the nickle,
on a package of bubblegum.

And now it's late and the lamps are low,
and what oh what do I see.

Beneath the chair where I always sit,
My doggy is is smiling at me.

A Short version but is also fun.

I went to the movies and asked for him
He likes to look at the show.
He could have walked in while the lights were dim
But he takes me wherever he goes.

But now way under my bed I see
What I've been looking for
O you silly old pup you were teasing me
Don't ever do that any more.

You can add this as a last verse

My little dog always waggles his tail
Whenever he wants his grog.
And if the tail were mor stronger than he,
Why, the tail would waggle the dog.

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