Animal Songs

Animal Songs For all Ages of Fun

Who can resist those cute little songs from when we were all kids with animal sounds in them? These are great kid’s songs that extend from generation to generation and with our memories they will go on as we teach our kids these great little animal favorites.

Old MacDonald

Of course we all remember Old MacDonald and it is still on commercials and kids of all ages adore this old favorite. Did you know that this classic favorite is from 1917 and in a book called “Tommy’sTunes” which was a collection of WWI songs by F.T. Nettingham. Though the version was a little different way back then, the song remains the same. Here it is so you can get all the verses and sing along with your kids.

After a while Crocodile

After A While Crocodile is a great old animal tune and it was made famous by Bill Haley and The Comets but written by a Louisiana born musician named Robert Charles Guidry. Bobby Guidry was his professional name and he first sang this great song but Bill Haley it went on to make millions of dollars and became a hit song. This is a fun cool song and you can twirl and bop with your kids to this old favorite animal song on a sunny afternoon.

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Mary Had a Little Lamb is another one we all know and love as children and it has a rich history behind it. The original song is a poem which first appeared in 1830. The poet who wrote this song had a friend and she took her pet lamb to school one day so the irony is Mary really did take a lamb to school one morning and a commotion happened from her bringing the lamb to school. Later on, this great old animal song was done as a rendition by Stevie Ray Vaughn on one of his recordings after many uses and many years of being a nursery rhyme for kids of all ages.

Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey Diddle Diddle is a favorite worldwide and it is because it dates back to at least the sixteenth century and has been linked to corrupted Greek. The theories are so famous that J.R.R. Tolkien actually did a book surrounding the theories of this old classic animal favorite.

Chicken Little

This great song has been around for ages literally and is perfect for kids to learn how not to be afraid and it is used for this purpose throughout history. Chicken Little is said to date back twenty five centuries as a folktale. What a legacy for kids to learn and all in a little animal song.

Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet has been around since 1805 and there are many theories around what this great old animal favorite means. Itt appeared in a book called Songs for the Nursery and we have all been singing it since. It is a great little song you can keep sharing with your kids as part of tradition.

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