We Three Kings

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We Three Kings

We three kings of Orient are,
Bearing gifts we traverse afar,
Field and fountain, morr and mountain,
Following yonder Star.

O, star of wonder, star of might,
Star with royal beauty bright,
Westward leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to the perfect light.

Born a babe on Bethlehem's plain;
Gold we bring to crown Him again;
King forever, ceasing never,
Over us all to reign.


Frankincense to offer have I;
Incense owns a Deity nigh;
Prayer and praising, all men raising,
Worship Him, God on High.


Myrrh is mine; its bitter perfume
Breathes a life of gathering gloom;
Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying,
Seal'd in the stone-cold tomb.


Glorious now behold Him arise,
King and God and sacrifice,
Heaven sings, "Hallelujah!"
Hallejujah!' Earth replies.


Information About We Three Kings

"We Three Kings", also known as "The Quest of the Magi", is a very popular Christmas hymn (song) written by John Henry Hopkins. an Episcopalian minister, and was published in 1863.

The song tells the story of three "kings" (or magi) who journeyed from the East (referred to in the song as "Orient") to present gifts to the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. Today we use the word "Orient" to refer to countries in Asia, but it is from a Latin word simply meaning "East".

There are many different versions of the story that the song is based on, with different interpretations as to what the words "King" and "Orient" meant, but it is generally felt that these men were of noble stature who came to pay their respects to the newborn baby.

Each man brought a special gift, which are described in the song. The gifts were symbolic in nature, and the newborn was presented with gold, for value, frankincense. a rare perfume or incense, and myrrh. which is made from the resin (sap) of the myrrha tree, and has significance in both ancient medicines and ceremonies.

"We Three Kings" was the most popular song that Hopkins wrote. He created it as part of a special Christmas pageant for his nephews and nieces, while he served as a music instructor at the General Theological Seminary (religious college) in New York City.

Alternative Lyrics & Related Songs

A more modern version

We three kings of orient are,
One in a taxi one in a car,
One in a lorry crushing a trolly,
Following yonder star.

We three kings of orient are,
One in a taxi one in a car,
One on a scooter beeping his hooter,
Following yonder star.

We three kings of trafalga square,
Are stealing ladies underwear,
Its elastic super fantastic,
Why don't you try a pair?

A Hilarious Version

We three king's or Orient are, smoking on a rubber cigar, it was loaded it exploded BANG!
We two kings of orient are, smoking on a rubber cigar, it was loaded it exploded BANG!
I'm the king of orient are, smoking on a rubber cigar, it was loaded it exploded, BANG!

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