Close Your Eyes Go To Sleep

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Close Your Eyes Go To Sleep

Close your eyes, go to sleep,
mr sandman is waiting,
just to guide you on your way,
with his basket full of dreams
and the moon, up on high
shines his light on your pillow
and the stars, in the sky
will be twinkling for you.

Information About Close Your Eyes Go To Sleep

"Close Your Eyes, Go to Sleep" is a lyrical variant of one of the world's oldest and most popular lullabies, commonly called "Brahms' Lullaby" or 'Cradle Song'. The melody, written by German classical composer Johannes Brahms, was written in 1868 for his friend Bertha Faber.

There are many versions of the song in different languages, many of which contain references to flowers, angels, and the moon.

These particular lyrics appear more contemporary, and don't seem to be tied to a specific culture - they appear in several places across the web, including fan fiction pieces, suggesting a younger audience heard this lullaby growing up.

Because the song is so well-known and popular, numerous pop artists have produced their own versions of it, including unexpected players like Jewel, Tom Waits, Celine Dion, and Kenny G.

It is a great lullaby to sing to your children when you are trying to get them to go to sleep. It is short and sweet so it is going to be very easy for your children to sing along with you. More than likely, when your child is singing this song over and over then they are going to become very sleepy. This means that it is going to be a lot easier for your child to fall asleep. A lot of parents are going to sing this song to their children if they are wanting to sleep in their own bed. When a child is starting to sleep in their own bed, they are going to have a hard time especially if they are used to sleeping with their parents. Therefore, this song might be the best thing that the parent can use in order to get their child to fall asleep more easily. No one is for sure who actually wrote the song in the first place but it always included in the different lullabies for babies. Of course, the biggest action that a child is going to be doing while they are singing this song is sleeping.

The song should be sung to the same tune as Brahms lullaby.

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