Bless My Underwear

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Bless My Underwear

God, bless my underwear
My only pair.
Stand beside them,
And guide them,
As they sit in a heap by the chair.

From the washer,
To the clothesline,
To my dresser drawer,
To my rear!

God, bless my underwear,
My only pair.
God, bless my underwear,
Or I'll be bare.

Information About Bless My Underwear

Written by Hans Mayer. Check out his website for his other silly songs such as his most famous song, 'My Brother Eats Bugs'.

Hans claims that his brother really did eat bugs when he was little!

'Bless My Underwear' is his top most requested song during school concerts.

Hans got his first guitar at age twelve and began playing songs from the radio by just listening to them and trying them out on his own!Hans has recorded more than NINE CDs full of kids' music.

Not to be confused with the famous German literary scholar also named Hans Mayer.

"God Bless America", the melody of this song, was written way back in 1918 by Irving Berlin. Even though Irving Berlin wrote "God Bless America" in 1918, he didn't think much of it and nobody heard ituntil 1938; twenty years later.

Irving Berlin changed some of the original lyrics he had written in 1918.

Alternative Lyrics & Related Songs

Another fun version to know

God bless my underwear
My only pair
I wore them
And I tore them on the seat of the old
Rocking chair
From the washer
To the dryer
To the flag pole where they hang
God bless my underwear
My only pair.

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