Bed Time Song

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Bed Time Song

The evening is coming;
The sun sinks to rest.
The crows are all flying
Straight home to the nest.
"Caw" says the crow
As he flies overhead.
"It's time little people
Were going to bed!"
The flowers are closing;
The daisy's asleep.
The primrose is buried
In slumber so deep.

Closed for the night
Are the roses so red.
It's time little people
Were going to bed!

Information About Bed Time Song

The 'Bed Time Song' is a traditional children's song/ lullaby sung to children when it is time to go to bed. It is also known as 'The Evening is Coming', 'Bedtime' and 'Go to Bed'.

Bed Time Song is occasionally also used as a spoken nursery rhyme to be recited when little people go to bed. Many versions feature up to three additional verses, as is shown in a 'Project Gutenberg' version of 'Go to Bed'.

These verses include mentions of a butterfly drowsily folding its wings; bees returning to their hive, birds ceasing to sing as they have finished feeding their nestlings for the day and a pony running through a meadow before putting down its head after its daily work is all done. The final verse then wishes the little people a good night and sweet dreams.

In short, this lullaby teaches children that they are not alone in the need to go to sleep at night, but are in the good company of birds, bees and butterflies; ponies and even flowers.

Apparently, the lullaby's lyrics were taken from an original poem by British poet and humorist Thomas Hood (1799-1845). It is, however, unclear as to who wrote the accompanying tune for this delightful little people's song.

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