Banana Song

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Banana Song

Bananas unite
Peel Bananas, peel peel bananas
Slice Bananas, slice slice bananas
Mush Bananas, mush mush bananas
Eat Bananas, eat eat bananas
Go bananas, Go go bananas.

Information About Banana Song

The Banana Song is a fun chant that your son or daughter can learn. It talks about different things that you can do to a banana. Although there are many different variations to the song, one popular variation has the children singing first of all that they are going to "peel" the bananas, then they are going to "slice" the bananas, "mush" the bananas, and finally "eat" the bananas. The song concludes with the words "go, go go bananas".

From a lyric standpoint alone this is a fun song for your young daughter or son. Many people like to add in the hand motions to make the song even more inviting for children as well. For example, for "peel" the children pretend to peel something with their fingers. For "slice" they stimulate using a knife to slice the bananas into small shapes, and for "mush" they can make a closed fist and "mush" their imaginary banana. Finally, they can pretend to "eat" the bananas by chomping up and down with their mouths.

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