Musical Songs

Unforgettable Musical Songs For You and Your Kids

Little musical songs we all know and love from our childhood are the greatest treasures because we can take them with us all our lives. There is nothing more precious than a memory because it is the greatest thing and it needs nothing but a mind to carry it. Teaching your kids these great songs they will treasure them for a lifetime. You know you still remember greats like “Boom Boom Ain't it Great to Be Crazy” from your childhood.

These songs were crafted by great songwriters

Bob McGrath was the author of this song and you may remember him from Sesame Street. Of course, we all know Sesame Street. Bob was a huge character on this show with Big Bird. This song was one of his signatures upon musical song history and it goes on and on because we all love these songs.

Who could forget the catchy little tune that helped us all take our medicine as kids? A Spoonful of Sugar was skillfully crafted by Robert B. Sherman for the all-time great movie Mary Poppins. Mr. Sherman added in a great finish with the song It’s a Small Small World.

How could we forget one of the most cheerful and fun songs of our childhoods? I Feel Pretty brings those great memories right back to you as you sing with your kids and smile once again. All of the sudden you start feeling pretty and this song was designed just for this purpose by Stephen Sondheim when he created this classic for West Side Story.

Chim Chim Cher-ee is another great song that you will sing with your kids as our parents did with us growing up. Another great from the movie Mary Poppins this song was designed to sing and enjoy with a musical flair that no one can deny. Robert B. Sherman did not fail as he created this song just for kids and adults alike to love and enjoy for the ages. This is actually an academy award winning song and deserves the accolades because we all still love this song.

Other great sing along songs to take with you on a memory ride for life

Hot Diggity Dog Diggity Boom what you do to me. You can find them all here on sing along songs with lyrics to enjoy all day long. Don’t mind that they get in your head because they are supposed to do just this.

"How much wood would a woodchuck chuck? if a wood chuck could chuck wood". This is one of the most fun tongue twisters of all time. Can you sing it fast three times without twisting your tongue yet? Have fun for hours with your kids trying because these tongue twisters are all out fun for the whole family.

So now it’s time to take up that tradition and sing these with your kids. All the lyrics are right here and ready to start singing. These songs quickly take a place in your heart and kids just love the fun happy beats and lyrics to these greats.

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