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Educational Songs

Children learn in many ways. They absorb information by touching, seeing, and hearing. It has been scientifically proven that information taught to children in the form of a song is easier for the child to remember. They can recall the information more completely when it is needed and understand the concepts behind it when music is the teaching tool of choice.

Letters and Numbers

Songs like One Big Hippo and the Alphabet Song are tried and true favorites for teaching small children their letters and numbers. The catchy tunes are fun to sing and the when the words are put to music, the children can sing them over and over again. Using the songs repeatedly during the learning process helps the children to remember the information even when the music is not being played.

These learning songs can be sung to children at any age. Children who are exposed to the music before they can talk, will often begin to sound out the letters at a much earlier age than those who are not exposed to the music.

Shapes and Colors

When children are taught their shapes and colors, they can get confused by the number of objects they are required to remember. Putting the information to music allows them a way to put them in order so they are easily remembered and utilized. Can You Find the Colour? teaches children the colors of the color wheel and provides them an item that can be associated with that color.

Everything Has a Shape teaches the shapes of various objects and helps children to understand the concept of shape and size. Using both songs in a classroom setting will give kids the basics so they can continue to build on the information while they are away from school. Using the songs at home, gives parents an opportunity to share quality time with their children and help further their learning goals.

People and Planet

As children begin to understand the world around them, their horizons can be expanded to include the food they eat as well as the world we live in. Vegetable Stew is a song that teaches children about healthy, nutritious food that is used to make vegetable stew as well as other interesting recipes. This is an excellent song that can be used to prepare for lunch time.

The Geography Song teaches children the various terms used when learning about the earth. Longitude, latitude, the equator and the North and South Poles are listed in the song and provide teachers an opportunity to teach children about the various aspects of each. Songs like this are designed to spark a child's interest in learning about the world around them.

General Songs of Encouragement and Life Lessons

The Circle of Life and Whistle While You Work were both made famous in animated films that have become favorites of both adults and children alike. The Circle of Life relays the message that we all have a purpose and that every person is important.

Whistle While You Work is an excellent song for motivating children of any age to perform tasks and chores. It gives them a song to sing while they do their work and makes the time go by quickly. Children who are encouraged to sing while doing their chores are more apt to complete them quickly and efficiently. It also gives them a feeling of accomplishment when the job is finished and the song ends.

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