Counting Songs

Learning numbers, counting and so much more

Make counting time, a time for dancing and sharing a variety of math and other learning activities. Counting songs open the way for success in math, language and motor skills for preschoolers and primary grade children.

The importance of music and songs in a child's education becomes apparent when used regularly and the progress measured at predetermined intervals. Not to mention the fun of playing these songs at home or in the classroom.

One, two, three…

Take them through the basics of counting by One's with these songs: *Fish Story *Here is a Beehive *Sobre La Tela De Una Arana (UN Elefante) - The Mexican Counting Song *Count and Move

Let them see the bees and laugh as each elephant climbs on the silky spider web. When they count to 20, dance a jig. “Count and Move” not only teaches counting skills, it gets children up and moving.

Subtraction and money concepts

Teaching subtraction with “Three Little Nickels” also teaches the value of money and how to save for a rainy day. Giving your child the three nickels they sang about in the song and playing out each lyric teaches valuable lessons about spending and saving. At the end of a month, count out how many nickels the piggy bank holds and go shopping.

Counting down songs teaches subtraction and children love to sing along to songs they know well. On a field trip, songs like "99-Bottles of Soda Pop" keep them happy as they concentrate on the next bottle of soda pop falling off the wall, or passing to the next in line.

Second languages

Learning a second language never gets easier with age. Children between the ages of 4 and 10 learn languages faster than any other group.

Put together a language and counting activity with “Sobre La Tela De Una Arana (UN Elefante) and “Uno, Dos, Tres Gatitos“ to teach Spanish numbers. If you already have a language program in place, these songs help teach them during language class and counting classes.

Developing motor skills

Using music to develop coordination and other motor skills by listening to songs like the “Ice Cream Song” keeps children engaged and they have fun. You can use visual aids and props to mimic the ice cream cones the cow sells. Have children balance their building-block ice cream cones while walking for a short distance. See who can balance 7 scoops in their cones.

You may ask the children how they would best stack the scoops to keep them balanced, as well.

"This Old Man" gets children counting and dancing. It also inspires imagination as children picture the old man playing knick-knack on various body parts. Put the group in a circle and have the class play knick-knack along with the song.

“One Potato, Two Potato” can also teach coordination and counting. Your class can play the traditional way, or you can make it a potato relay where the children work in teams to collect the most potatoes. Everyone wins by working together.

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