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Lovely Lullaby Songs

Do you have pleasant memories of being rocked to sleep while one of your parents sang to you? If you do, you may want to learn the songs to one of those traditional lullabies and sing it to your own baby. Singing lullabies helps to bond parents and children, as well as build developmental skills.

The Most Famous Lullabies

While lullabies are primarily a western tradition, they have been created all over the world, including Germany, London, and the United States.

  • Brahms Lullaby - This 19th century German lullaby was written by Johannes Brahms in 1868 as a gift when a friend had a baby. While he was often an unagreeable man, he managed to create a soothing classic lullaby.
  • Rock-a-Bye Baby - While this American lullaby's origin's are uncertain, some believe it was penned on the Mayflower by a Pilgrim who saw Indian women rocking their babies in wooden cradles.
  • Hush Little Baby - New parents anywhere can relate by promising a mocking bird or a diamond to have their baby stop crying and have some peace. It has been speculated that this was written in America because of the mention of mockingbirds, an they're prevalent in America.
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star - This English lullaby is based on the 1806 poem, "The Star," written by Jane Taylor. It is sung to a French melody that Mozart has also worked with. The lullaby has six total stanzas, but only the first is well-known.
  • All the Pretty Horses - While this lullaby has been simplified to the view that every little girl desires a pony or a Black Stallion, this lullaby has Southern roots. Historically, it was sung by black slaves to the Caucasian children they cared for, and the second verse of the lullaby reflects upon the mother's pain of her children working outdoors while she sings to other children.

The Benefits of Singing Lullabies

Singing lullabies provides several benefits for infants, the most important being that it soothes them to sleep. In addition, rocking and singing to your baby provides a daily ritual, which allows you and your baby to bond. This also helps your baby become used to various sounds and stimuli, such as rocking, stroking, and music playing, which helps your baby recognize patterns and rhythms.

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