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Teach the Children Your Songs

Everyone likes their own type of music. For some, marching to the beat of a different drummer means writing the songs themselves. Some people make up silly songs for their children. Others write poetry and set their words to music. No matter what the reason for the song, your songs give you a platform to share with the world.

Children Connect with Music

Parents are always trying to come up with ways to teach their children new things. For parents who are musically inclined, coming up with songs like the Letter X, will help their children learn all they can about the letter and how it is used. Children tend to retain information much better when it is taught through the use of music.

While old standbys such as the Alphabet Song are readily available, some parents want to share a piece of themselves with their children. Creating a new song or changing the words of an existing one to include their child's name are ways they an connect with their kids on new and interesting levels. Songs like Don't Be Afraid are there to reinforce the connection and help children grow.

Reliving the Past

Writing songs like Only the Memories allows a person to put their thoughts about the past to music. The tunes can be passed down from generation to generation and shared with other family members. Sharing memories helps to keep them alive and fresh in the minds of those who may not remember them so well. Family stories can also be put to music so they can be preserved.

Playful Tunes to Have Fun With

Playful tunes like the Attack of the Midnight Snacker are written to poke fun at how we sometimes perceive ourselves and the world around us. They help us to make light of situations so they won't cause frustration. Singing songs that make you smile and laugh are just one way to create and maintain a positive environment both at home and at work.

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