Riddle Songs

Riddle Your Kids With These Songs

Who doesn’t love a great riddle? Riddle songs are even better because singing them will help your kids to remember them. Songs are great for this purpose, to help children with memory skills and learning melodies at the same time.

Great Riddle Songs

Riddle songs usually have a British origin and have been passed down from generation to generation. Riddles are great for exercising our minds and thinking skills. One particular song called The Riddle Song has been remade by great musicians like Joan Baez and Burl Ives.

These types of songs teach children how to reason and think and they are fun as well. Great little songs like these have been used to teach these skills in children for a long time because they work. Here is another of these songs and it is a great one as well called How Dry I Am.

This is a great little riddle that you can teach your little children because it is fun and they learn so much while trying to riddle their friends. This one is diverting but yet when you realize the answer to the song it is so simple! Riddle songs are great for working your mind but yet teaching simplicity is the answer in most cases. Try this one and see how simple it is. It is called Little Nancy Etticoat.

The History of Riddles

Riddles are believed to have originated from old English poetry and they present conundrums throughout history. There are many riddles that have been around for ages literally but there are some new riddle songs being made even today. The riddle is described as an elaborate pun which makes it even better because when used historically it can be used to bring a smile when the answer is reached.

Riddle songs are even better because when music is put to a riddle it brings it straight to remembrance. Singing songs is a great way to teach and bring your children’s wit to the surface. Sing these songs with your kids and watch them light up as they learn how to riddle in song.

Try these great teaching songs as well

Nothing goes better with riddles than rhymes and these nursery rhyme songs will be in your children’s head for a lifetime. How many can you remember from your childhood? That is how powerful these songs are for teaching tools, even you can remember them all.

Can you remember singing Three Blind Mice? This is a classically fun song with great memories attached for all kids who have enjoyed it. This song can be remembered by elderly people easily. That is how great the power of songs as teachers can be. Try these animal songs out for fun and see how many your kids can remember with you.

Try all of these songs and have a great time with your family as you learn and remember them all joyously and with the lyrics you can easily relearn what you cannot remember from the past with your kids. Experience a second childhood as you please because this is what your kids and grand kids are for, so enjoy.

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