Halloween Songs

Halloween Songs for School Parties

Halloween songs have most likely been around since Halloween began. Today, they are used at costume parties, in school classrooms, and of course, on the radio, to get listeners into the spirit of the day.

History of Halloween

Halloween began as 'All Hallows' Eve', which was an annual celebration held on October 31st. The day was dedicated to remembering the dead, such as the saints (or the hallows). Today, the 'holiday' is celebrated by children and adults dressing up in costumes and attending parties, where lots of great Halloween songs are played, and traditionally a number of games are played. Younger children go door to door, trick or treating, collecting bags of candy.

Famous Halloween Songs

Some of the most famous Halloween songs include 'The Monster Mash' by Bobby Pickett and the Crypt Kickers, which debuted in 1962. Even though it has been decades since the song premiered, it is still highly popular each year at Halloween.

'Thriller', by Michael Jackson, is widely considered to be a Halloween song because of the video. In the video, there are plenty of zombies and the evil laugh of Vincent Price. 'Thriller' debuted in 1984, but again, seems to be a timeless treat at Halloween.

A newer favorite is called 'This is Halloween', and was taken from Tim Burton's hit film, 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'. Kids love to sing this one, along with the Citizens of Halloween Town (the characters from the movie). This one has been a hit at Halloween parties and in classrooms since the movie came out in 1993).

Similar to that song is 'The Halloween Theme' that kids love to sing and dance to, perfect for classrooms!

Another fun one for classes is 'Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate' which is a favorite of teachers and students alike. It's fun to play in a classroom because kids can dance along and make up some fun actions that go along.

Why Play or Sing Halloween Songs?

Both parents and teachers will benefit from playing Halloween songs. The songs get your kids into the spirit, and engage them. In class, the songs are a great accompaniment to Halloween activities, like learning the history of Halloween or telling 'ghost' stories.

Teachers will love the different actions that they can come up with to accompany the songs, too. Have the students dance, mimic the words, or even sing along. Another fun task is to have the students make their own masks, and perhaps wear them while the song is playing.

And parents will love how much their children enjoy these songs--and will probably laugh as they watch their kids dance and have a great time as the music plays!

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